Draining floors

Just like natural lawn surfaces, draining floors allow rainwater to be absorbed into the soil. The technical and aesthetic characteristics of these floors make them ideal for outdoor spaces that wish to combine design with high performance in terms of safety and environmental impact. The use of MVB draining floors is a choice oriented towards environmental sustainability which brings with it a series of advantages.

Groundwater maintenance

Reduction of puddles

Environmental well-being

Better management of rainwater

Draining floors

Types and characteristics

There are different types of draining floors, depending on the load resistance, the percentage of greenery or the surface uniformity required for pedestrian or cycle areas.

Permeability tests

100% permeable

The draining pavers have been developed with the aim of offering solutions that respond in different ways to various needs, which may concern resistance to loads, the amount of green space or the surface uniformity required in pedestrian areas and cycle paths.

MVB has carried out permeability tests in laboratories for each product in the Filtering line. The results of these tests demonstrated that for all MVB filtering products the simulated rain was completely drained, therefore they can be considered 100% permeable.

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