Smog-eating flooring

Green active

How does it work

The specific mixture, containing titanium dioxide (TiO2) with photocatalytic action, breaks up fine particles, nitrogen, carbon and sulfur oxide (generated in urban environments by car exhausts and heating systems) in harmless substances for both human being and environment.

GREEN ACTIVE advantages

Laboratory test

The photocatalytic action of GREEN ACTIVE was tested with CNR approved equipment. The results of the tests showed more than 80% reduction of the polluting agent NOx (nitrogen oxides).

Outdoor test

The effectiveness of photocatalytic binders in the breakdown of nitrogen oxides was also measured outdoor by monitoring several applications if GREEN ACTIVE flloorings for more than 1000 hours. The results, although slightly different from those found in the laboratory due to the influence of atmospheric, environmental and geographical conditions, are notable especially considering the solar irradiation conditions and the number of winter light hours in which the surveys were carried out.

The reduction of pollutants was very good or excellent for all the main substances and
for molds and bacteria.


Pollutants Breakdown rate
powder dust pollutants -47%
NOx -67%
SOx -47%
Total aldehydes -64%
Nitrogen -74%
Molds and bacteria -44%
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